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Paparazzi Earring ~ Delectably Diva - Black

Paparazzi Earring ~ Delectably Diva - Black

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A bold and elegant oversized black bead is the focal point of this stunning earring design. It is surrounded by delicate black beads along a twisted silver hoop, creating a playful and bubbly fringe that adds a touch of whimsy to any outfit. The earring attaches to a standard fishhook fitting, making it easy to wear and comfortable for all-day use.

This versatile earring will complement any outfit, whether it's for a casual day out or a special evening event. The combination of the bold black bead and the twisted silver hoop creates a modern and sophisticated look that is sure to turn heads. Pair it with a simple black dress for a classic, monochromatic style, or use it to add a touch of edge to a colorful ensemble.

Complete your look by browsing through our collection of black Paparazzi jewelry, where you can find matching necklaces, rings, and bracelets to complement your new earrings. Elevate your style with Paparazzi jewelry that is both affordable and fashion-forward.

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