Monthly Quotas

Are there any Monthly Quotas that need to be reached in order to maintain Consultant status with Paparazzi?


There are NO MONTHLY QUOTAS or ORDERS you have to do to maintain Consultant status! The only minimum there is is that you need to purchase at least 100 pieces in a rolling calendar time. If you enroll with one of the larger Starter Kits then you are covered for the whole year!


I do recommend you order at least 25 pieces each month, however. When you do this you will be considered an "Active" Paparazzi Consultant. When you start recruiting your own team, you will need to be an "Active" Consultant in order to be paid commission on your down-line (those recruits you enroll under you).

There are a bunch of benefits for being an Active Paparazzi Consultant.


-You will be included in Paparazzi's "Official" Consultant Search Results. Customers who are wanting to buy from have to find a Consultant to put their order under. This Consultant list is of those Consultants that were active the previous month. If you were not active, you will not show up in search results.