Join My Paparazzi Team

If you feel like Paparazzi Accessories is the business for you, I would love for you to join my team! I feel that I offer my team great support and leadership in building their own business. Here are just a few reasons why I would be a great leader for you:


- An Amazing Upline - I feel you are only as good as your sponsor/upline. You really need great support from those above and around you. With that said, I have 4 of the top Paparazzi Consultants in the company in my direct upline! They are all amazing and willing to help you at a moments notice. I have amazing support and they all offer me motivation and help when I need it. I am learning how to run my team by thief examples. So when you sign up with me, you get me and all these amazing ladies!


- Devoted - I am devoted to Paparazzi. I absolutely love this company! The "head honchos" at corporate are so nice and thoughtful. They call consultants on a regular basis and are all so down to earth! I love that about a company. I feel like I am a part of a big family! I feel like my  fellow Paparazzi Consultants are my sisters! We all want to see each other succeed.


- Knows the Company - I am confident in knowing the company policies and the pieces it sells. I feel I can pass this expertise onto my team members. And if they have any questions I am confident that I will know what to do to help. And if I don't I will find out for them!


-Love of the Products - if you have read this website you probably have heard about my daughter and I loving the hair accessories! The pieces Paoarazzi offers are of high quality and are so unique and beautiful. I love each and every piece! And with my allergies to certain types f jewelry, Paparazzi Accessories are the only pieces I a able to wear without having a problem! That alone. I what is driving me! I suffered my whole life with allergies to jewelry. Even my own wedding ring! So when I came upon Paparazzi Jewelry I was ecstatic! I am truly devoted to these products, not only because I sell them, but because I love them.