Hostess Rewards


 The Hostess is in charge of inviting their friends and family to the party. Whether it be a Facebook party, home party, basket party, etc, they will earn Hostess Rewards. 

For every 10 pcs sold during the party, the Hostess should receive 1 free piece of her choosing. This is a "Thank You" for hosting the party! 1 Pc for every 10 sold is the MINIMUM you should offer. You can offer specials where you offer DOUBLE Hostess Rewards; 2 pcs for every 10 sold. It is up to you!


There are other ways to give away Hostess Rewards! 

-      1 item for hosting.


-      1 item for booking a party.


-      1 item for every 20 people who come to the party.



As you can see there are many options on how to reward your hostess! Make sure you have your Hostess Reward system on a sign at the party so that people can see how much FREE stuff they can get for hosting!