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Don't think that you can't be part of that 82%......YOU CAN!!!


Paparazzi Accessories offers women of all ages beautiful jewelry and accessories for $5! But that isn't all! It also allows women of all ages the opportunity to better themselves and to bring home some extra spending money or even a full time wage. Wouldn't you love to be able to set your own hours? What about if one of your kids is sick? Would you love that freedom of being able to stay home and care for them? There are women out there that are struggling to make ends meet. They work full time while sacrificing family time to make their children's lives better. Paparazzi gives the opportunity to be able to be home with your family more and the endless possibilities of income.


I was skeptical when I first started Paparazzi. I thought that those on the top were just "lucky" to find that success or they joined at the right moment. I have found since I have started with Paparazzi that that is not the case! Paparazzi is still a fairly new company. This means that there is still a lot of growing and a lot of potential out there! You just have to work for it! You could even be the first consultant in your area! What a wonderful opportunity you would have! Women literally will be going crazy when you show them the jewelry and accessories! And all for an amazing low price!


There are women of all ages and backgrounds finding success everyday with Paparazzi. What is holding you back? Do you fear rejection? Do you fear failing? These feelings are very normal, especially if you have never been self employed. This is why Paparazzi has you enroll under a sponsor. As a sponsor, I make sure that you know what to do and offer you support and an ear to hear if you simply want to vent! I want to see my team find success with Paparazzi Accessories. There is no better feeling then seeing a consultant who was struggling and unsure when she first signed up getting out there and booking parties and events! The feeling she has is new found confidence and a feeling of worth. She is making a difference in not only her life but the lives of the women who buy the jewelry. I want to see everyone have those same feelings.


Once you become a consultant you will begin to realize the potential. You may not recognize it right away. But as you work through your business it will suddenly hit you! You will realize that you can actually DO IT!!! YOU can be a part of the 82%!!! There is no reason you can't! All it takes is hard work and dedication. If you keep working through the ups and downs it will eventually pay off. Don't push this opportunity aside for another day or another time. The sooner you start, the sooner your life will change for the better!

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Debbie Parkin