Deb's Paparazzi Accomplishments

Deb's Paparazzi Accomplishments


Deb's Paparazzi Accomplishments

I don't want to seem like I am bragging or full of myself...I am quite the opposite! I am very humbled and astonished at all that I have accomplished and been rewarded through my Paparazzi Accessories Business. I wanted to have a page that will show you what YOU can achieve with your own Paparazzi business! YOU....yes, YOU!!!! You can do it! I can help you achieve all this, if not more!


October 22, 2012 - Joined Paparazzi Accessories!!!

December 2012 - Became a Paparazzi Director! This is when you have at least 3 active consultants under you.

February 2013 - Became a Paparazzi Premier Director! This is have at least 3 active recruits with a team volume of over 3,000!

May 2013 - Advanced to the rank of Paparazzi Producer! This is when you have at least 3 active recruits with a team volume of over 12,000!



These are all the Producers! There aren't that many which just shows what great potential there is with this company!

 Me on stage as a Producer!



August 2013 - Became 1 out of 5 Crown 25 Club Members. This means I had at least 25 active team members for 3 consecutive months. I was up there with the top consultant of Paparazzi! Crazy! I am on track for receiving the Crown 50 Club trophy!




Paparazzi loves to challenge their consultants with little friendly contests! These contests include all consultants in the company. It is fun to see updates each week on the Paparazzi Promotional blog! Here are some contests that I have won or have come pretty darn close to winning!

2nd Winner of the opportunity to be a Zi Collection Runway Model - The Zi Collection is a line of Paparazzi pieces that range from $10 - $15 and is only available at convention. I won the chance to walk the runway during convention and model one of the limited edition pieces! SO FUN!!!

        This is the lovely group of other Zi Runway contest winners               



Me struttin' my stuff on the runway!





1st Winner to Dine with the Elite - The Elite of Paparazzi are those consultants ranked Executive Producer and above. I won the opportunity to go to a fancy restaurant on the Las Vegas strip during convention and have dinner with those consultants and rub elbows with the Paparazzi Founders! I sat next to Misty Kirby during dinner and it changed my life!



Fall for Free Jewelry - This was a contest of who ever had the most consultants sing up with a starter kit won 100 free pieces of the new Fall line! I came in 2nd place with 29 recruits that month.


Paparazzi Passport Vacation - This is the company trip. This year it is a cruise! In order to sail for free you need to have at least 1600 points. I ended up with 3493.5!!! Enough for 3 free sailings!!! I won FIRST PLACE out of the whole company beating out the TOP 2 consultants in the WHOLE COMPANY! What an accomplishment! My husband and I will enjoy free airfare, free excursions, free cruise, and a free cabin upgrade!! Ty and I are so blessed to be a part of this fantastic company and even more blessed with a wonderful and awesome team!!! We can not wait to see what 2014 brings our way!


December 2013 - Advanced to the rank of Executive Producer! This was my goal for over a year! There have been a lot of crying fests, frustration, and tons of doubt in myself in whether I could accomplish it. But I have grown sooo much from it. I am so thankful for the trials that, in the end, make us a better, stronger person. I am so honored to be among the Elite!


December 2013 -Became a member of the CROWN CLUB 50! To find out more about this exclusive honor, click HERE!


May 2014 - Invited and Attended Paparazzi's Leadership Retreat!

In May 2014 we were invited to Paparazzi's Elite Leadership Summit. This is a 4 day leaders retreat to have fun, get to know the other leaders better, and get training from the Founders and other Corporate staff. Paparazzi provides us with travel, lodging, food, and activities...we get the royal treatment! The Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort offers tons of activities like hiking, paintball, atvs, horseback riding, and is close to beautiful National Parks. We are the newest Elite Member so we are anxious to get to know the other leaders and to have them get to know us! 

June 2014 - Won some contests among the Elite!

I was the TOP RECRUITER in the month of JUNE and received $100 in Convention Cash!

This Convention Cash you can use as "real cash" towards purchases made at the Convention!

In addition to TOP RECRUITER I was also the TOP LEADER that had the most PERSONALLY SPONSORED CONSULTANTS that RANKED ADVANCED in June! 


I received a $100 to my favorite clothing store so I arrive in Vegas at Convention in style!

Paparazzi Convention 2014

The 2014 Paparazzi Convention "Paint the Town Pink" was SO exciting! It was my first Convention being part of the Paparazzi Elite. The first night we had a Welcome Party where they rolled out the Pink Carpet that had stars on it with the Elite Names on them! It was awesome! That star is now hanging in my office! My name appeared on the "Executive Producers" banner. And, to my surprise, there was a HUGE framed picture of me and Ty to celebrate our Crown Club 50achievement! It was crazy!!! I couldn't believe it! That, too, is hanging in my office!


I won a chance to go shopping in the Zi District before everyone else. I got to take 2 of my team mates with me and we had a great time! We had a nice lunch with the Founders (Misty took a pic with us!) and then got to shopping!


Each night we got a little surprise gift from Paparazzi. It was mostly yummy treats and a cute little card! SO fun!

Being part of the Elite, Paparazzi treats you to a very nice Five 5-star dinner! This year it was at theSugar Factory at the Paris Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. They surprised all of us with Hummer Limos!!!! We got to ride in style!!! I have always wanted to ride in a Limo and stand up through the sun roof and guess what.... I DID!!!! And what a better place to do it then the Vegas Strip!!!!! It was SO much fun! I later found out that that is illegal to do...whoops!


The highlight of the Convention (besides meeting and hanging out with my team!) was walking the stage to accept my Crown Club 50 trophy and to get the Executive Producer Necklace. I was able to pick which song I wanted to walk the stage with and I picked Pink's "Try". The lyrics are very fitting. She sings "You Gotta GET UP AND TRY!". In the Paparazzi business, you HAVE to get up and work!!! If you have a bad party or event, you just have to brush it off and KEEP GOING!  


As I mentioned before, the best part of any Paparazzi Convention is meeting your team. My entire team is outside of my home State so Convention is a great time for all of us to gather and meet! I was so blessed to have so many of my team come! I LOVE each of them! When we first met, it was like we had been friends for a lifetime! We all just "clicked" and had a BLAST being around each other. It was SO hard when it was time to say good-bye. :( 


November 2014 - Became a member of the Crown Club 75

 I had at least 75 ACTIVE personally sponsored consultants for a consecutive 3 months. I am one of only 2 consultants to receive this.

What is the Crown Club Recognition Program? Click HERE to find out!

December 2014  - For the 2nd year in a row, I won FIRST place in the Company wide Incentive Trip to the Dominican Republic. I won 2 Free stays in an upgraded room, 2 plane tickets, and 2 excursions for 2!

 February 2015 -  We took the trip! It was such a fun time! I loved spending time with fellow consultants and getting to know them more. We took a Jeep tour, swam with dolphins, went on a catamaran, and went into Santo Domingo with just us and Trent and Misty Kirby, the founders! It was such a neat experience!

March 2015 - After Empower Me Pink, I did a training session along with other Elite leaders.  I love sharing my experience with others and hopefully inspire them in their Paparazzi Journey.

March 2015 - Rank advanced to FASHIONISTA! This goal has been on my dream board for a while. I pushed my team and worked extremely hard for this rank. 

April 2015 - Leadership Summit - This year's Leadership Summit was truly something special! We had the pleasure of welcoming our qualified Elite to gorgeous Southern Utah, where they experienced the unmatched natural beauty of Paparazzi's home turf.  

We took a tour of the new cooperate offices! It was fun and interesting to see the "behind the scenes" of Paparazzi Accessories.

Paparazzi treated the gals to a massage while the guys played a round of golf. We had great training in beautiful surroundings of Zion National Park. We had great dinners and had a laugh seeing Brian Regan perform!


August 2015 - Paparazzi Ignite Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.

A lot happened to me this convention! I won the opportunity to have lunch with the Founders and be the first to shop at the Zi Boutique! I also got to bring along 2 of my hard working team mates. It was so great to spend that time together!


I became part of the Bronze Life of the Party. This was a new program they announced there!

You can learn about this program HERE!


I received my Crown Club 75 trophy. The 2nd in the whole company! And then they surprised me with the CROWN CLUB 100 trophy! I was the FIRST and ONLY consultant to receive this honor! You can  learn more about the Crown Club HERE!

Another highlight was walking the runway as a FASHIONISTA! I worked so hard to achieve this HUGE goal and I thank my team for being so awesome!

November 2015 - The Paparazzi New Offices Open House

Paparazzi invited us consultants down to Hurricane, Utah, for the Grand Opening of their new Corporate Office! It was so fun to get a tour of the completed offices! I was also interviewed by Paparazzi for future use. That was fun! 

 Feb. 2016 - Paparazzi Trip to Cabo

For the 3rd straight year, I won 1st place in the company wide contest for the Incentive Trip! I received 2 excursions, a room upgrade, and free flights!

While there we spent a day at a preschool in Cabo. We did service projects (we were in charge of painting the school) and spent time with the cute kiddos!

We also had time at the beautiful beach and resort! We also went on a tour of a glass factory. So beautiful! It was a great vacation! 


 May 2016 - Paparazzi Elite Retreat

I was invited to go to the Elite Retreat in Las Vegas this year!

We had great training, a scavenger hunt on the Strip, a Night Show, lovely dinners, and more! We stayed in these Mini Castles too! It was incredible!

 May 2016 - My Team reached 2,000 Consultants!


June 2016 - I won a company wide contest for having the highest newly enrolled team members volume!


Dec. 2016 - I won 1st place for the FOURTH YEAR IN A ROW in Paparazzi's company wide Passport Vacation Contest to the Dominican Republic. I enjoyed 2 FREE stays (one for me, one for my husband) in an upgraded Honeymoon Suite with a Private Butler!! We also won 2 free excursions (swimming with dolphins and a catamaran ride) and had our airfare covered!!! 



March 2017 - I hit the rank of A-Lister!


August 2017 - I achieved the rank of MAVEN A-LISTER!

I received a Chanel Purse worth $5000!



November 2017 - I took 1st place in a company wide contest!


March 2018 - I achieved the rank of JETSETTER!

Paparazzi sent us Tumi Luggage and sent us on a trip to Maui!



June 2018 - We achieved PLATINUM Life of the Party!


Paparazzi Convention 2018

Paparazzi a new recognition program called THE BLING BOSS AWARD!

You achieve this award when you receive a 6 figure income from Paparazzi commissions.

There is also a 7 figure income award!

We were awarded the 6 Figure Income Award when they announced it at convention.



 April 2019 - We earned the 6 Figure Bling Boss Award in just 3 months!




May 2019 - We achieved DIAMOND Life of the Party.



Paparazzi Convention 2019

Paparazzi surprised us with the announcement of the NEW CROWN CLUB 150!

I was the FIRST and ONLY Consultant to receive this award!




We won a company wide contest to have a Meet and Greet with Kane Brown at the 2019 Convention. We had our picture taken with him before his concert!



September 2019 - I went on the Diamond Life of the Party trip to Las Vegas. All expenses paid! We stayed at the Venetian. We went to the corporate offices. We also got $2000 shopping spree that we had 2 days to spend! We also went to see Wicked!



Jan 2020 - We won third place in a company wide contest for the Passport Cruise Trip. We won 2 free tickets to the cruise and a Spa Package of $150! We decided to take our kids on the trip with us!







April 2020 - We achieved Life of the Party Diamond.




Last updated May 2020


I hope to be adding more to this page as my business keeps growing!  I hope seeing all I have achieved will  show to you what a great leader I can be to you!


If you would like to ROCK Paparazzi Accessories, I can help you! Please contact me with any questions you might have! I would love to have you on my team and watch you succeed!


Debbie Parkin

Paparazzi Consultant #11156