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Do you feel you have 101 reasons NOT to become a Paparazzi Consultant? Well, I will give you 102 reasons why you SHOULD !!!


My husband works all of the time/I’m really busy.

What is great about Paparazzi is that YOU are in control of how much or how little you work! You control when your parties are and when you are available. Even if you can only do one party a week or even just have people over at your home, it's fine!


I just don’t have enough money.

If you find you just don't have the money for a kit try to go without something for a bit. For instance, give up your daily run to the coffee shop or give up chocolate! Have a garage sale. If you really want to make it happen and be successful you will find a way to get the money for a starter kit.


I’m just too busy/I have a full time job. 

If you have a job, why not set up a little display at your works break room? Take a basket to your kids teachers lounge. Set up a display at your local salon. Have a booth at a boutique. There are so many ways to sell Paparazzi! Just take a look around you!


I’ve done all the Direct-Selling Companies already. 

You might think that Paparazzi is another one of those party businesses where everyone feels pressured to buy things they don't need and at a ridiculous price. NOT SO!!! Paparazzi is very different from other companies. People actually WANT to come to parties and are more then willing to buy!!! And you don't have to feel guilty about taking their money. People are truly happy to buy your items! Plus, you make your commissions right then and there. No waiting for checks. And with such a high commission rate of 45%, it is one of the best commissions around! You will really experience a whole new way of direct sales with Paparazzi!


My friend, neighbor, or acquaintance sells it already.

I actually live within a 2 mile radius of 3 of the top consultants in Paparazzi. And yet we are each able to find success! It doesn't matter! You just have to

 want it and work for it!


I don’t want to be a salesman.

The product sells itself. There is no written dialogue or presentation that you have to give. You simply party with the guests and collect the money! You really get paid to party! Guests WANT your product!


Debbie Parkin

Paparazzi Independent Consultant # 11156