After the Starter Kit

After the Starter Kit....

What happens after you receive your starter kit? Well, you go out and sell, sell, sell!!! This won't be hard at all! Women everywhere literally go crazy over $5 jewelry and accessories! Before you know it, you will need to order more inventory!

To buy more inventory you will log in to the back office at the Paparazzi Accessories Corporate site. This will lead you to your consultant back office which allows you to see your sales, team members, etc. You will click on the "New Order" button and it will take you to where you can reorder anything you need to. Unlike the starter kits, you will now be able to select whichever pieces you wish to carry in your inventory. There are pictures of all the items and you simply add them to your cart and check out!

You are able to buy pieces individually. So if you find that one piece is really popular, go ahead and order as many of those pieces as you wish!

When you open the bags each individual necklace will be in their own plastic sleeve. Some consultants take the pieces out of their protective sleeves and hang them on their display boards. This is also a good opportunity to check for damaged pieces that may need repairs. Paparazzi Accessories offers its consultants a 3 day grace period from when your order arrives to report any damages or mistakes with your order.

I suggest keeping the plastic sleeves so that when a customer buys a piece you can put it in one of the sleeves so it doesn't get all tangled up with all the other goodies they bought!


Paparazzi Accessories ships by USPS from Southern Utah within 1 to 3 days of receiving your order.

I hope this explains a little more of the ordering process for Paparazzi Consultants. It might sound confusing but once you see the back office it will make more sense! And I am here if you have any questions!

Debbie Parkin

Paparazzi Independent Consultant #11156